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What is AppointExpress?

AppointExpress is a revolutionary appointment booking service that provides convenience to users to have their customers book their time over a WhatsApp chat.

It provides every individual or institution its own booking link and enables booking, re-scheduling, cancelations, payment, refunds, and reminders. Both users and customers get the booking details on WhatsApp which they can sync up with their handsets.

After the appointment is completed all the professional needs to do is to send a completion message. Settlements are transparent and each professional gets his personalized statement and a log in to view history of his bookings and settlement. We propose to make life easier for the professionals across the following industries.

How it work

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One stop solution for all business professionals and experts

Medical Services

Doctors & Clinics

Individual doctors and small clinics can have this automated system on WhatsApp, entire calendar is managed and there is provision for adding a receptionist to the journey. Doctors can now focus on their patients and leave AppointExpress to manage the entire booking system. Each appointment is tracked and notified.

Professional Services

CAs, Lawyers & Consultants

Till now the primary mode of booking your appointment was the phone. With AppointExpress now you can extend pleasure of booking your appointment to your customers. Choose your working hours at your convenience so that the system works in spaces allowed by you based on out of office activities.

Educational Services

Teachers & Freelancers

Individual Educators will find this system amazingly easy to use and manage. Now you will be able to define your timetable and let your students book and enjoy your time over Whatsapp. Your students will get automatic re-minders on phone and you can add their parents and guardians to notification list.

Health & Wellness Services

Spas, Saloons, Gyms, Hair Clinics & Fitness Trainers

Professionals in the health and wellness sector can now extend their time booking over whatsapp. You can also manage a small team of trainers so that your customers can choose the consultant they wish to work with. All payments and ledgers are automated so that you can keep a full track of your business.

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